Orr preaches the Rebel Way

Wed, Jan 15, 2020, 9:48 PM
Rebels Media
by Rebels Media
Cameron Orr questions the meaning of life - Hugo St. Claire photography
Cameron Orr questions the meaning of life - Hugo St. Claire photography

Rebels recruit Cameron Orr says it’s only through the ‘Rebel Way’ that his new team can scale the heights of Super Rugby success.

“We’re basing ourselves off a startup, so everything we’re doing is exciting and is new,” stated Orr before the media.

“We’re not trying to copy other teams. We’re trying to prove the Rebel way is the way that’s going to win Super Rugby.

Fresh from an overseas stint with, the studious Orr has been busy understanding the history of the Rebels as the Club prepares to undertake its milestone tenth season in professional rugby.

“Our team is probably the most stable it’s been in the whole period of ten years. I think last year was a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t work for the team.

“So there was some great building blocks there, but this is the year to put it all together.

Those building blocks are something that will assist the team greatly per Orr, during a campaign that includes the shortest preseason in memory.

“It’s definitely been one of the shortest pre-seasons I’ve been involved in, which is fantastic when you start to get a little bit older. Twenty-four is the new thirty!

“It’s been a challenge in terms of fitting so much in such a short period and getting guys up to speed with new systems and the way we’re doing things but the boys have handled it really well and the coaches have been really prepared for it.

“It’s a testament to our coaching team; finally getting a bit of stability (in the coaching ranks) and having the same guys involved and seeing their plans coming through.

“As we’ve come back we’ve had a little camp away where we got to learn about a lot of guys and some things you don’t usually cover inside the team room or on the training paddock, but learn about people and their families.

Orr has quickly ingratiated himself with the playing group, aided no doubt by his decision to flat with a couple of Rebel teammates.

“I’m staying with Andrew Kellaway and Andrew Deegan.

“They’re both pretty awesome housemates and can both hang out the washing and stuff so they look after me so I can put my feet up in the afternoon!”