Rennie and the Rebels

· Super Rugby
by Rebels Media

New Wallabies coach Dave Rennie has dropped in on Rebels HQ to observe the Super Rugby Club as they prepare to kickstart their 2020 Super Rugby campaign.

After enjoying a dinner with Head Coach Dave Wessels on Australia Day, Rennie was up bright and early to cast his eye over the Melbourne club as they underwent preparations for the Sunwolves.

"I thought the trainings were really good," observed Rennie.

"I like the gym program; it's really focused on trying to create explosive and powerful athletes which reflects the type of game I want to play with good intensity.

"I've spoken with all the coaching groups. I've visited the Waratahs and now the Rebels.

"Everyone is really supportive and really open so I think the connections are really strong and certainly as strong as anywhere else. 

Having plied his trade in New Zealand and most recently Scotland, Rennie is well placed to observe the implications of having strong alignment between the national body and the provincial clubs. 

"I wouldn't say there's a massive All Black involvement with the coaching in New Zealand; they tend to let you get on with it. 

"We just want to show that we care and that we're interested and will have Matt Taylor and Scotty Wisemantle getting around (as well).

"We're not going to tell the guys how we want them to play or anything like that. We'll just support where we can."