Top Teammates with Ross Haylett-Petty

· Super Rugby
by Rebels Media

As part of our MoneyLab Top Teammate series, our Rebels reveal the teammates that have had the most profound impact on their career.


This week we sat down with Ross Haylett-Petty.

The three Rebel’s teammates I have enjoyed playing with the most are my brother Dane Haylett-Petty, Anaru Rangi who became my housemate when we moved here from Perth and Angus Cottrell, who is someone I have enjoyed being in the trenches with over a number of years.

The reason I choose those three are fairly trivial, as I have enjoyed my time playing with so many people and it is hard to narrow down what has been such a great group of teammates.

Obviously my brother, being potentially half the reason I am here in Melbourne, is because he is my brother, and we have such a stake in each other’s rugby and lives.

Ever since playing club rugby together, I have enjoyed having him on the field regardless of how little I see him on the pitch. He makes me work a little harder every day and makes every win more worthwhile.

The last game we played this year, against the Lions, we got to ‘share’ a try in front of Mom who had made her way over from Perth to see us play. Because Dane has always been around, sometimes I forget how much Rugby is a family sport, and how it is made so much better to share it with your loved ones.

Anaru became my housemate on the back of their being no other option, when we both came over from the Force.

I had never lived alone at that point, and didn’t much want to, so we agreed we would be better off together. Like Dane, taking a stake in someone else’s well being and development meant that the sacrifices one takes to play at an elite level, were less punishment and more fulfilling steps towards a goal.

Working so hard together makes the Tuesday night pizza in preseason, and the Saturday night beer in the change rooms so much more rewarding.

I chose Angus Cottrell, partly because I have known him my whole rugby career, but also because I enjoy what he brings to the rugby field, being sheer effort and enthusiasm to win.

I can remember a number of times being pitted against him in conditioning, looking across and knowing that I would have to dig a little deeper, because Gus wouldn’t give anything up for free. And I feel like he plays the same way, which is why I enjoy our time together so much, on and off the field.

I cannot recall one time in particular, but I feel there were so many occasions where we had to grind out a game in the last 10 minutes, I remember a number against the Brumbies, and they all become one in my memory because its been with those same great people.


I have been lucky to have such a great cast around me for much of my career, with these three and many others who have made my time at the Rebels so rewarding.