Rebels Recall with Dave Wessels

· Super Rugby
by Rebels Media

In our Massey Ferguson Rebels Recall series, our Rebels recall the best win they have been a part of.


This week, Coach Wessels discusses the teams victory over the Lions in RD 6 this year.

What do you remember about the build-up to the game?

I had a car accident on the way to the game – fortunately both I and the other driver pulled up ok, and there were some Rebels players passing by that were able to stop and help at the scene.

What was the turning point in the match?

We kicked from a maul in the 2nd half and I thought the kick had gone too long, the intensity of Marika’s chase and the support of the other players on their feet turned that moment into a massive net gain and put the pressure back on the Lions.

Which player earned your man of the match vote and why?

Billy Meakes. It was the most complete performance I’ve seen from Bill in all the time that I’ve been lucky enough to work with him.

The best part was seeing some of the things – like his long passing game which he’s been working so hard on – work for him on the day.

How did you celebrate afterwards?

This is what made the game so memorable - we invited all our friends and family back into the sheds after the game.


It’s the first time we’ve done this since I’ve been at the Rebels. To have everyone together as a big Rebels family was pretty special. It’s also great to have the opportunity to thank our loved ones for allowing us to do what we love.


And I was happy to be alive after what had been a bizarrely stressful day.