Top Teammates with Andrew Deegan

· Super Rugby
by Rebels Media

This week in our Money Lab Top Teammates segment, flyhalf Andrew Deegan reveals the teammates who have assisted him the most on his rugby journey.

Mitch Short

A Cronulla Shire boy, who I started off playing mostly against at school level and then post school we both ended up going down to Randwick Rugby Club where we made plenty of good memories and developed a very unique connection.

He is like any number 9 you play with, little bit feisty and has plenty of ticker in the tank.One of my fondest memories would be at Coogee Oval, we were playing Syd Uni, it was one of his first games back post injury.

He had a blinder, kept scooting around the rucks and making plenty of line breaks, expect he couldn’t finish any of the breaks, because he kept on running like a gecko and falling over.

Of course, another very good memory together was when we won the 1st Colts title in 2014.

Rod Davies

I met Rod Davies when we both were over in Perth with the Western Force apart of the Rapid Rugby competition in 2018.

I’d say if you know him it’s pretty obvious why he is one of my favourite teammates to play with, flying top speed.

He used to just say ‘give it to me early’, and if he said that you knew we was away and under the sticks.

Also, though he is big family man with a lovely wife and 3 kids, he really nails the understanding of balance with rugby, family and social life.

One of my most memorable stories of him was up at Minderoo Station where he managed to find nearly every pothole and corner on the paddock, it was a very safe and mundane drive out in the West.

Cameron Orr

Big Cammy has been one of my favourite teammates to play with over a number of years.

We started out playing a lot of footy against and with each other back in NSW, then we both ended up travelling overseas. We ended up living together when we were at the Force in Perth and now we are currently living together in Melbourne as well.

He is the type of player you always want on your team, plenty in the tank and is happy to go all day, always putting his hand up for a storming carry up centre field or even down the sideline.

Probably the most memorable memory is relation to our off-field antics and that we were a part of the exclusive Tuk Tuk club, which involved plenty of coffees and brekky dates after our 5am training session.