Top Teammates with Shane Lehane

· Super Rugby
by Rebels Media

This week in our Money Lab Top Teammate series, our Strength and Conditioning Coach Shane Lehane takes us through three memorable athletes he's developed at the Stockade.

Sean McMahon

Sean is maybe the craziest guy I have come across in professional rugby. Really relaxed, laid back and genuinely interesting character off the pitch but the most competitive athlete I have seen on the park. His craziness can be summed up in the two Bees tattooed on his knee after a bet with Tom English!

He never did anything at less than 100%. There was no such thing as 50% contact with Sean; he was always stopping guys in their tracks and running full pace at them. He would say it wouldn’t happen in a game, so it won’t happen here!

Sean’s a pretty special athlete in that I haven’t trained anyone with the capacity to tolerate discomfort, pain and fatigue like he could. He could just keep going at an incredible intensity. Sean’s performance in 2016 when we beat the Reds in Brisbane is maybe the best individual performance I have seen live.

Dane Haylett-Petty

Dane is a really intelligent guy with lots of interests outside of rugby, he’s always good for a book or podcast recommendation. He is genuinely interested in making himself a better person and a better rugby player.

Dane is very knowledgeable and inquisitive about training and wants to know why he is doing what he is doing and how it will make him better, this is a good challenge as a coach - you need to be organised, considered and tap into his knowledge for a collaborative approach - he knows his body and his game very well.

He is also fiercely competitive. A sure way to  drive the intensity of Dane’s training is to pair him against Reece Hodge; no coaching is required if you can put those guys next to each other and let them go at it!

Colby Fainga’a

Colby is a good athlete but an excellent rugby player.

As an Athletic Performance Coach, it is easy to be seduced by guys with great athletic capability. Colby was one of those guys who showed me it was all about on-field performance.

He wasn’t the guy who was winning the fitness testing, running the fastest or lifting the most in the gym but had excellent skills and a great rugby mind meaning he was more often than not in the right place at the right time, he is one of the most intelligent rugby athletes I have worked with.

Colby is a quiet and considered guy; doesn’t waffle but when he spoke you listened. There was always good information in what he said.

Colby was a big leader in the group, not by words but by actions and I always valued his opinion when he gave me feedback.

He was also a great team guy; I remember him playing 60 minutes at scrum half in South Africa without any complaints.

It is no surprise now to see him going well in Europe now and securing a big move to France.