Meakes finds his inner peace

· Super Rugby - AU
by Rebels Media

Melbourne Rebels centre Billy Meakes has used his time in isolation to find inner peace after introducing a daily meditation regime.


Speaking with Sean Maloney and Beth Newman on the Rugby Nation podcast, Meakes explained that it had been a goal of his for a couple of years to find the time to devote to meditation.

“Meditation is a bit of a funny one because I think it’s something I’ve tried to do for a couple of years now but never really been able to get into a routine with it,” Meakes told the Rugby Nation podcast.

“I just found myself sitting down and just my mind wondering and thinking about a million things. You often end up less meditating than you would if you were just walking around.

“It came off the back of listening to podcasts, reading books and every single one I’d read from a successful business-person or sports person, they’d always talk about meditation at some point throughout their journey and how it helped them.

“It got to a point where I was like well if everyone is talking about it this much, it’s got to be worth giving a proper crack.

“I thought I’d set myself a challenge doing 30 days in a row of some sort of meditation.

“It might be a couple of minutes, maybe 20 minutes on a day off and that’s what I’ve been doing, I think I’m on day 43 right now.

“It does give you a sense of satisfaction of achieving something and it is nice to sit down and set some intentions for the day, at the beginning of the day.

“It’s certainly not something that I can say is the number one thing that’s making me better but it is definitely just adding another string to the bow and it’s nice to just sit down and take some time away for a couple of minutes each day.”

With the squad now back at Rebels HQ, Meakes has shifted his focus to the upcoming Vodafone Super Rugby AU competition and the unique challenges associated with the changing laws.

Seven new laws will be trialled by Rugby Australia with an eye to improving the flow of the game. One of the notable new rules is the 50/22 rule.

Meakes said the team has been focusing on the new rules at training with one team mate really looking forward to the new kicking opportunities.

“We certainly have (been working on the new laws), I mean there have been some players, I will name Reece Hodge because we know he likes to talk about his kicking game, he’s been sitting under the goal posts with his goal line dropouts, trying to show off.

“I think it (the 50/22 law) obviously adds a different dynamic to the game, obviously when you’re defending certain parts of the field you might have to maybe consider holding your back three players back a little bit to protect your sidelines.

“When you’re defending your goal line or attacking the goal line you don’t want to get held up because then you’re just kicking back when you have lost that field position.

“All these different things probably just adds a different layer to the game and something else to think about but for the most part it’s probably just about doing the same things and just adjusting them slightly,” Meakes said.

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