BRC Capital commits as Major Partner of Rugby in Victoria

Fri, Jul 3, 2020, 3:17 AM
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BRC Capital commits as Major Partner of Rugby in Victoria
BRC Capital commits as Major Partner of Rugby in Victoria

Melbourne-based investment incubator fund, BRC Capital, has today been announced as a new Major Partner of the Melbourne Rebels on a five year agreement. The unique partnership will see the BRC Capital logo take pride of place on the front of the Rebels jersey for the upcoming Vodafone Super Rugby AU season and provide benefits through to community Rugby across Victoria.

BRC Capital is an active investor that has a proven record of building technology and advanced manufacturing businesses. The current BRC portfolio includes seven globally focused Australian health and technology brands: 3DMeditech, SmileStyler, SERKEL, HOOD, HB Health, BRC Life and the Heat Group.

BRC Director, Peter Harris, who co-founded BRC with Melbourne Rebels Chairman, Paul Docherty, said that today’s announcement for BRC Capital will open new avenues for exposure, investment and support the game which embodies the values of his organisation. BRC’s mandate of Australian jobs, Global opportunities align with the Rebels future strategy of taking our Victorian team to a Global audience.

“The essence of BRC Capital is our passion for identifying and solving every-day problems by assembling the right partners and utilising technology to harness Global opportunities. We are very excited to leverage the opportunity presented by the Melbourne Rebels and the Super Rugby AU competition and show our commitment to supporting business success in the rapidly changing post COVID-19 world,’ said Harris. 

“BRC Capital believe ensuring a basic level of advanced manufacturing capability in Australia is now viewed by all as essential. We would like to play a larger role in securing the supply of the manufacture of essential health, technology and food in Australia. We believe in taking Australian solutions Globally. This duality of local engagement and global exposure is exactly what we know the Melbourne Rebels can provide and we are looking forward to leveraging that with Baden and the team,” Harris concluded.

Melbourne Rebels CEO Baden Stephenson expressed his gratitude for BRC Capital’s long-term commitment to the Club.

“We’ve been very fortunate to develop a strong relationship with BRC Capital in recent years and we have already gleaned a lot from their start-up expertise and culture in supporting our efforts to innovate in a very cluttered sporting landscape. We are very grateful that our friendship has now been elevated into a long-term commercial partnership that will see us provide access and ambassadors for BRC Capital to continue their exceptional work, especially in partnership with the Victorian and Federal Governments.”

“This is a very proud day for our Club on the eve of our Vodafone Super Rugby AU opener. We are arguably better set up than ever for success on and off the field.”

About BRC Capital and their core businesses:


In its short history, 3DMEDiTech has already taken its first devices through research and development, proof-of-concept, industrial design, IP protection, and clinical trials right to commercialisation – these first devices are already making the Australian health system more efficient and delivering better clinical outcomes for patients.

3DMEDiTech has a state-of-the-art advanced additive manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne where the company currently produced SmileStyler and SERKEL products.


SmileStyler Solutions has developed the world’s best and first 100% digital clear aligner solution. The SmileStyler clear aligner is a bespoke dental aligner, uniquely designed and fabricated for each patient using fully digital processes and workflows.  Manufactured in Australia at our Port Melbourne facility.

The SmileStyler 100% digital solution significantly reduces traditional cost of sales and substantially improves quality. SmileStyler has developed and secured the user interfaces, treatment planning engines and various other enabling software to enable the world’s first end-to-end digital clear aligner solution.


 SERKEL produces 3D printed helmets for babies with Plagiocephaly (a misshapen or uneven head) and ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) for kids with Cerebral Palsy. SERKEL intends to manufacture and distribute its branded helmets and AFOs throughout the globe.

SERKEL has also recently developed a new hip dysplasia brace.

SERKEL products have been developed and manufactured at scale in Australia in partnership with Orthokids. SERKEL products are now available Australia wide in 12 new clinics.


HOOD is Moving, moved on - something new, a new way to think about moving easier and saving more time. Imagine, being only one move away from that next adventure, new job, new relationship.

HOOD connects users to the best recommended suppliers and services.

The HOOD team has over 15 years of Moving experience in Australia, moving over 1.4million Australians and they are using their knowledge to create a Global platform to change the way the world moves home.

For more information, please contact: Peter Harris


0478 559 190