Rebel on Tour with Glen Vaihu

Tue, Jul 14, 2020, 5:47 AM
Rebels Media
by Rebels Media
Glen Vaihu is enjoying his time away with his teammates.
Glen Vaihu is enjoying his time away with his teammates.

Brought to you by Brick Lane Brewing, Rebel on Tour  gives fans a fresh look at what our Melbourne Rebels are getting up to whilst away on tour.

This week’s guest is rising star Glen Vaihu.

Where are players staying and what’s the experience been like so far?

At the moment we’ve been moving in and around Canberra and Sydney, staying at a hotel, which has been really nice.

I have a roommate in Esei (Ha’angana), which has been pretty good in keeping that brotherly connection strong, especially after having gone through a bit of rough patch with some of the players having to leave their families and everything back in Melbourne.

But it’s been really good to be around each other, to comfort each other and really be there in these times of need, especially while things are tough out there and not great back home in Melbourne.

What have you and Esei been getting up to away from training?

So, in our spare time Esei and I do a lot of stretching and chatting about our days and what plans we have for tomorrow.

We also watch a few movies as well - we recently watched Paranormal Activity which is a bit of a scary movie. I’m not much of a fan of scary movies but Esei has been right onto it and is just enjoying it all.

As the older guy he’s certainly taken full advantage of choosing the movies.

Sources tell me Reece Hodge may have accidentally flooded his hotel room in Week 1 – can you confirm or deny this rumour?

Yes, that’s been the funniest bit of the tour so far - who can forget Hodgey flooding his room and then rocking straight to training?

That was probably my highlight of the day - seeing the footage of it and seeing him having to quickly clean it up, it was great.

Everyone just walked past and laughed, so that’s been the highlight so far for sure.

What’s been your go-to restaurant or coffee shop so far?

Right now, we’re getting fed well at the hotel but in our downtime, we head down to Café 32 in Sydney – really good coffee.

Me and my coffee group which includes Hodgey, Dane, Declan, Matt Philip and Rob Leota, we all head there quite a bit, which has been good.

Bye week in Sydney – any plans to play the tourist card and do a bit of sightseeing?

Yes, I really want to try and explore more of Sydney. I haven’t really been around the city or explored the beaches like Coogee and of course Bondi.

It’s been an amazing time so far, but I will definitely try take on some sight-seeing with some of the more experienced boys this week who are from here.



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