Rebel on Tour with Marika Koroibete

· Super Rugby - AU
by Rebels Media

Brought to you by Brick Lane Brewing, Rebel on Tour  gives fans a fresh look at what our Melbourne Rebels are getting up to whilst away on tour.

This week’s guest is human highlight machine, Marika Koroibete.

A win in your 50th game and Man of the Match honours – how special was Friday night?

Yes, it was so good to have a big win with the boys and on top of it being my 50th game – it was such a great night. The long drive back to Terrigal felt really short but we had a few drinks afterwards and then were celebrating all together on the team bus. But it was really good to celebrate the first win, my 50th on top of that and just a really good performance from all the boys.

Was your phone going off after the game with lots of support and congratulations?  

Yeah lots of my family and former teammates were messaging me after the game and congratulating me on my 50th but I actually did even know I was going to be playing my 50th. It wasn’t until somebody told me recently, you’re going to be playing your 50th this week, which was a bit of a shock - I didn’t even know!

Just take us through that memorable late game try – what a moment and what a celebration from Frank Lomani, who jumped right on top of your head!

Yeah that was the last thing I wanted late in the game – he (Frank Lomani) jumped right over my head. I was soo tired, so when he jumped over, I nearly fell down. But no, it was good and a very good celebration by Frankie. It was good to score that try to seal the victory and I give the guys something to celebrate with.

Who’s been the funniest teammate on tour so far and why?

The funniest teammate on the tour so far has been Kells (Andrew Kellaway). He just always comes up with weird jokes.

Who’s been your road trip roommate?

My roommate has been big Mango – Campbell Magnay since Day 1. He’s been really good and actually really likes sleeping - although he does make some weird noises, which is a bit funny. He loves a snore but it’s not that heavy, just a weird small noise.

What tv shows or movies have you boys been watching together after a long day training?

Well not really Netflix or any movies but we’ve been watching a lot of MasterChef the last couple of weeks – I think all the boys are in love with it. Oh, and Big Brother – he’s been watching a lot of that show and actually I watch it a lot with him as well. We’ve been cheering for Chad to get up.