Rebel on Tour with Michael Stolberg

· Super Rugby - AU
by Rebels Media

Brought to you by Brick Lane Brewing, Rebel on Tour gives fans a fresh look a what our Melbourne Rebels are getting up to whilst away on tour.

This week’s guest is no stranger to life on the road – the one and only Michael Stolberg.

Week 12 on the road – what’s your experience been like?

I’ve definitely struggled at times throughout these 12 weeks, especially early on when I was without my family who were in isolation in Queensland after leaving Melbourne. Relative to the other sacrifices the squad (especially the staff) have made, I consider myself really lucky. Being in Terrigal has been amazing. 12 weeks ago, I never knew it existed and now it’s somewhere I will definitely come back to visit again one day. 

Who have been some of the lousiest roommates on tour and why?                       

Cam Orr has had the most roommates - including me - so read into that what you’d like! But all of the snorers are definitely high on the list of unwanted roommates after this long journey on tour. They know who they are. 

What’s been the funniest moment on tour and why?

Hard to pinpoint one story to take the cake. Watching all the coaches trying to make it up the hill during the Coach COVID Games is right up there, so if you haven’t seen the video do yourself a favour and check it out.

Andrew Deegan mentioned the hotel table tennis games are getting pretty competitive – who’s been the standout so far?

The flying Fijians are all right up there with the best and most consistent players. Efi is also up there with the best and rumour has it he sleeps with paddle in hand. Hard to say who is worst as we are all pretty bad but word on the street is Dan 'The God' Mannix couldn't win with a tennis racquet. 

Away from training, what has Michael Stolberg been getting up to?

Away from training life is great. I’m in my final year of a construction management degree which takes up the rest of my time. I’m also a mad keen golfer but with everything going on I’m not getting the fix that much.

Who’s been the MVP on tour so far?

Honourable mention to Billy Meakes - Tuesday night trivia has been an absolute hit and he has been the mastermind behind it, organising prizes and questions every week. But MVP has to go to my boy Cammy Orr - I know I stitched him up earlier being a bad roomie, but for me personally and the team as a whole, Orry has been immense. Picking blokes up when they are down, bringing the energy at training and most importantly shouting lattes.

When I look back on Super Rugby AU 2020, I’m going to remember…

Super Rugby this year for me will be something I’ll never forget. Starting the year with the Sunwolves was an amazing journey. Then having the privilege of being involved with the Rebels is something I never expected but I’m so grateful for. 

If I was the team DJ, I’d play…

The boys know what they’re going to get with me - it’s country or nothing! So far, it’s been surprisingly well received after being mainly based at Kintetsu in Japan, where my country music didn’t get much airtime. So, getting the chance to get on the speaker occasionally has been a nice change.