ROOKIE DIARY: Endeavour Hills Star Taking It All In Stride

Fri, 15/10/2021, 04:22 am
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Eyda Haisila has impressed early with his run, carry and ability to quickly learn.
Eyda Haisila has impressed early with his run, carry and ability to quickly learn.

Melbourne Rebels’ Academy graduate Eyda Haisila has hit the ground running in his first fortnight of training with the Club.

The Endeavour Hills forward, is one of eight academy members promoted to the senior squad this pre-season, after signing with the Rebels in June.

Haisila says he’s wasted little time soaking in all the information on offer from the Club’s veteran leaders.

“The guidance and support from our senior players have been great and very welcoming for new guys like me,” said Haisila.

“It’s been a great learning experience so far and there’s certainly there’s a big difference or step-up in terms of the overall speed of the game and the great detail that’s expected.”

Haisila adds to the long list of talented ‘Burn Boyz’ the club has compiled in recent seasons - a testament to the continued development of Victorian rugby and the success of its pathways program.

Following in the footsteps of those who came before him, Haisila has been working closely with Trevor Hosea and Jordan Uelese, as he looks to blaze his own trail in Super Rugby ranks.

“Some of the boys like Trevor and Jordan have been awesome helping me with the set piece and giving me tips,” said Haisila.

“It feels good to have that support from the boys who have also progressed through the local ranks and made it to the highest level, like we’re trying to do right now.

“They played a bit with my older brothers back in the day, so that’s where the relationship first began.

“We’ve been in touch ever since, which has made my transition from club to Super Rugby a lot easier.”

On what is currently Mental Health Month across Australia, Haisila spoke about the unique challenges being a young athlete on the cusp of realising a childhood dream, but handicapped by a state-wide lockdown that has claimed the past two years of club rugby competition.

“The first year was tough not having rugby and the experience I missed out on.”

“Fortunately, I got around my family and kept in touch, staying connected, and engaged, which gave me a good perspective and helped keep me focused.

“The family calls were really beneficial for my mindset – sometimes we would just chat, have a laugh or do workout.

“I think these moments were important in keeping me motivated and focused, instead of sitting about, lazing on the couch.

“It certainly helped fuel my fire to put my best foot forward when the time came for the start of pre-season with the Rebels.”

National Mental Health Month is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) to advocate for and raise awareness of Australian mental health.

It is an important time where the Australian community comes together to raise awareness and promote better mental health for all.

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