That's Right Rugby: Ep 3 with Jack Maunder and Mason Gordon

Tue, Nov 28, 2023, 12:00 PM
Rebels Media
by Rebels Media

Exciting halves duo Jack Maunder and Mason Gordon join the team from That’s Right Rugby this week live from Alex and Joe’s South Yarra apartment! 

In an entertaining thirty-minute chat, Mason and Jack discuss everything from living life on the professional stage with your brother, to what it’s like to grow up, play for your hometown English Premiership team for 10 years, and then move to the other side of the world.

Jack even shares a story or two about what it’s like to be a teammate of Rebels Forward’s Coach, Geoff Parling!  

Here’s a few highlights from Ep.3 of That’s Right Rugby! 

JP: Jack! You’re new to our listeners and Rebels fans - tell us about your journey to Burn City.  

JM: I’m from the South West of England in a place called Devon, which has a rugby team in Exeter called the Chiefs. I started playing for them when I was young, about 14 or 15, and kept playing for them up until last year, so about 9-10 years. 

It was awesome and I loved my time there. My family is there; they have a butcher's shop there and not many of them have moved away, so I’ve taken it probably as extreme as possible and moved to the otherside of the world. It’s all pretty new and all pretty fresh, which I’m loving. 

AM: Mason, you mentioned what it was like to face your brother in the backyard growing up. What is it like to now be in this professional arena with your brother?  

MG: Yeah, it’s special. Leaving school in 2020 and having the option to come down here and join the program and play with Carter was something we both always wanted to dream of, although it hasn’t happened at Super Rugby level yet. 

Getting to live with him, he’s the ultimate professional. It is special getting to train with him; often we’re competing against each other - I’ll be the 10 for one team, he’ll be the 10 for the other. 

There’s obviously competitiveness there, but it’s healthy. We’re trying to get the best out of ourselves, and each other. I’m super proud of what he’s done this year and I can’t wait to see what he does next year. 

JP: Mason, you’ve been part of the Super Rugby program for a couple of years now and you’ve been rewarded with two years of Australian U20’s rugby. Tell us a bit about that experience.

In 2022, we had an Oceiana Tournament that was 2 minutes from my backyard, so that very much brought back memories growing up getting into the game. 

Unfortunately we didn’t go too well. We only beat Fiji, but in 2023 we had a good 20’s team. All of the boys were very tight because it was the same group as the previous year. 

We had quite a few Rebels’ boys - Leafi who was unbelievable, Daniel who was awesome for our lineouts, David Vaihu, Darby who’s now made the transition to the Rebels and then Ripley the year before. 

Then we had the World Cup in South Africa, where Leafi was again unbelievable with what he did with our forward pack. We had some tough opposition - England, Ireland, Fiji and us in our pool. Cape Town was unreal though. We did shark cage diving, we went on a safari, so we did a lot. 

MK: Jack, Geoff Parling is our forwards extraordinaire. You’ve played with him! Got any inside intel? 

JM: There’s a few stories - I don’t know how many I can say. I think he really enjoyed the bus trips back. A big thing in England is we take a 4 - 5 hour bus trip back. After a big win on a Saturday, we would tuck into a few beers and that was quite often led by Geoff. 

He came with a massive reputation to us - British and Irish Lion, Capped International and someone with a lot of experience which is what we needed at the time. We were everybody’s second favourite team, but we hadn’t won anything yet. Within one year of Geoff being there, we ended up winning it and a lot of the boys credited that to Geoff and the professionalism he brought to us.  

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