That’s Right: The Melbourne Rebels have launched a Podcast!

Fri, Nov 17, 2023, 12:22 AM
Rebels Media
by Rebels Media

It’s been another memorable week for the Melbourne Rebels, with the Club announcing its first ever Podcast, That’s Right Rugby. 

Super Rugby W star Mel Kawa joins Joe Pincus and Alex Mafi for the only Club driven podcast in Australian rugby.  

That’s Right Rugby will engage with our supporter base on a deeper level, showcasing our players personalities and flair, delivering stronger behind-the-scenes content, and bringing our community on the journey as the Rebels build for the Club’s biggest season yet. 

Here’s a snippet from our opening episode with the crew!

Pre-Season Week 1 Wrap 

AM: The boys have hit the ground running. The majority of the squad have done really well with their Bronco runs, especially Mason Gordon, who took the honours, and Ryan Louwrens, who’s in outstanding shape already. Jack Maunder, our new signing, was also flying. 

JP: It’s something we always do that’s good at the Rebels, is at the start of a new season, bringing everyone in. All of the front office staff, all of the high performance staff and all of the coaches and players. Once Footey starts speaking in front of those crowds he’s incredible. So Footey brought everyone on the same page, and chatted about theming and touched on a few interesting points about the connection we’re trying to build within each other, the City of Melbourne and the Club. 

He also did a big piece on gratitude to the front office. We’ve managed to bring in some new staff this year and so we have a really robust staff and coaching group, so we recognise we’re really in a good place this year. 

Expectations for 2024 

AM: We recognise where we’re at the moment. I think with the group we have, that we’ve retained, as well as the additions we have coming this year, I think we can really give this competition a real crack, and I’m optimistic about it. It should be a really exciting season and I’m excited, and everyone throughout the Club is as well. There’s this real sense of belief at the moment and everyone’s working hard and we know that it’s there for the taking. 

That's Right Rugby is LIVE on YouTube and Spotify! Watch the whole episode on YouTube here, or subscribe and listen to That's Right Rugby on Spotify.