On the Road with the Rebels

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On The Road With The Rebels

In a celebration of Victorian rugby, the Melbourne Rebels are launching our newest community initiative in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to bring you ‘On the Road with the Rebels.’

‘On the Road with the Rebels’ is an exciting initiative between the Melbourne Rebels and the TAC that promotes road safety awareness across Victoria. Through our community visits, fun interactive sessions, and engagement with fans, the Rebels grow our connections with our regional and metro players to make a positive impact and foster a culture of responsible road behaviour. We are thrilled to launch this campaign to create safer roads for everyone in Victoria.

Our Rebels community visits aim to educate and raise awareness about road safety by encouraging individuals to adopt responsible behaviour on the roads. Each time we engage with our communities and share impactful stories and experiences, the campaign creates positive behaviour change, leading to a safer road environment. The Rebels are thrilled to partner with the TAC to involve and empower communities to actively participate in road safety initiatives and take ownership of their behaviour on the roads.

Dates and Locations
TAC Road Safety Round 2024

Saturday, 22 June 2024

Round 9 of Dewar Shield and Lindroth Cup

Road Safety Round

A significant component of "On the Road with the Rebels" is the TAC Road Safety Round, which took place on August 5th 2023 for Round 14 of the Rugby Victoria Premiership, Premiership Reserves and Championship clubs to promote road safety within Victoria.

The Road Safety Round is a significant event aimed at raising awareness about road safety and honouring the lives lost on the roads in Victoria. This initiative, organised by the Melbourne Rebels in collaboration with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and Rugby Victoria, provides a platform for your club make a positive impact in their community by actively promoting road safety.

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